Football Pitch


Welcome to the club.

We’re in the home dressing room at the minute. A lot quieter than it usually is on match day. Music’s blaring, boys are getting loose, getting massages, really focusing in on what’s at hand.

Some people zone out to their own thing, with their headphones, some are playing head tennis in the other room, but usually it’s quiet. It’s an all right changing room isn’t it?


Okay, let’s move on. Come on.

As you can see, this is the kit room. Pretty much every shirt from every club we played against.

Some collection, all right isn’t it? That’s crazy, I’ve never actually been in here.

We’ve got Howard Webb there.

As you can see, we’re in the press conference room where the manager comes in and says how he thinks the game’s gone. After the game there is a lot of emotions there running high, whether we’ve won or lost, so this is where it all happens.

We’re in the tunnel right now and before the game it’s exciting. You can hear the crowd outside and I think you’re ready to go and showcase what you can do and try win the game.

You’re zoned in and ready to go a couple of minutes before kick off, just soaking it all in. Atmosphere is electric as always and just raring to get the game going.

[crosstalk 00:01:55]

Tuck in.

Everyone touch the ball.

Like Space Jam. Give it back.

So here we are, on the pitch in the stadium, where everything happens and where we enjoy playing football. The atmosphere’s unbelievable here and we want to thank you for joining us and take care.