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Following the Stereophonics’ announcement that they’ll be playing at Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday the 9th of June 2018, Cardiff City iFollow spoke to the band last week.

Gentlemen, good to see you back at Cardiff City Stadium. Must be something about this place.

Yeah. We’ve had a good time every time we’ve come here.

Good memories yeah.

The first time was 2010 and that was amazing. And a couple of years ago was brilliant. When it works, you know, we try to keep coming back and people loving it.

Very different show tonight. 1500 capacity, 3000 plus here next summer, you must be looking forward to that.

I am. The thing with the stadium shows, you can put on a big show and you can put on the big lights and all that imagery and stuff behind you. Tonight it will just be us on stage with a few bulbs. That kind of makes us work as well. We haven’t even got a lighting engineer tonight. So you depend on the songs and the bands performance to do that. Here we’ll have all the whistles and bells and all the people singing along with us. It’ll be a special night.

Many Cardiff City fans have come to see you in your last two shows. Any moment from either of those that you remember, you think that was good?

Well I remember they beat Leeds 3:1 the other week. That wasn’t very good for me.

Glad you brought it up.

Well I thought I better bring it up before you did.

It’s just coming to Wales is always the same thing for us. You’d never take it for granted. You never take it for granted putting tickets on sale. I think people in Wales, they’re loyal, but they’re also very honest. If they don’t think the records very good, then they won’t come. So you have to keep coming up with the goods.

Thankfully they’ve always liked the songs we put out there and they’ve been supporting us for 20 years. And there’s a new bunch of kids coming who’ve just discovered the band.

That’s what we’ve noticed on these stadium shows to be honest, when you look out there’s a lot of 17 year, 18 year old kids in the front row who just come with their brothers or their father and mothers or whatever. And that makes the whole thing very vibrant.

It’s always half male, female. The atmosphere is always kind of rocking.

Thanks for your time gents, see you next summer.

Thank you.