Sports Ground Advertisement

Sports Ground Advertising

At Cardiff City Stadium, our grounds provide the perfect canvas to drive awareness of your brand or product. With thousands of people filling the stands, this offers a huge possible customer demographic who may be interested in what your brand has to offer. Stadium advertising boards whether digital or static have the ability to influence potential customers to make purchases.

Stadium media posits the ideal mechanism to communicate your brand image with thousands of possible consumers. The sporting spectator demographic could well be suited to your brand and so the tactful placement of your ads could be the ticket to a surge in sales and word of mouth.


There are multiple aspects which indicate the likely cost of your sports ground advertisement.

Popularity of fixture: Where more popular fixtures occur, this will inflict greater costs for advertisements. The busier a fixture the larger the crowd and so the larger the possible pool of customers for your brands product or service.

Placement: The placement of the advertisement will also have an impending effect on cost. Areas which will reach more customers are always going to be higher than sports ground advertising which is rarely visible.

Time period: The length of time that your advert is displayed will also depict the cost. Where you want your advert displayed for a day, week, month or year this will have an effect on pricing.

Stadium Sports Ground Advertisement Opportunities

  • Billboards: Billboards provide a large surface area for your advertisement to really captivate consumers. The large interface allows for increased exposure to consumers with photographic information having a strong visual effect. Placement of advertisement on billboards can allow for your company’s message to be communicated within just 5 seconds.
  • Posters in toilet areas and refreshment areas: Although less exposure will be achieved in areas such as bathrooms, these are still high-profile areas to catch the attention of consumers. Even subconsciously consumers will absorb messages from marketing material which could later lead to greater profits for your company.
  • Digital Billboards: Digital Billboards provide the ideal way to quickly communicate your message. With the ability to include moving images you can really make your message come to life.
  • Seat Drops: Seat drops allow you to place flyers on the spectator seats of the stadium. This can result in great exposure for your company. For every flyer that’s discarded, it’s likely that another person will give it a quick read over before the game starts.
  • Sports Pitch Marketing: Sports pitch marketing allows for advertisements to be printed or projected onto the football grounds. This allows for home viewers to observe the advertisements on their TV as well as in the pitch – offering you complete exposure.
  • Programme Advertising: Programmes are generally available at most football fixtures and are a great form of sports ground advertisement. Many fans enjoy purchasing a programme as a memento and so will likely flick through the pages and spot your advertisement.

For any queries regarding sports ground advertising, contact us today to find the perfect option for your business.

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