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New Merlin Ball for 18/19 Season

August will see the new Nike Merlin ball rolled out across the top flight. Nike announces every year the new ball that will be used in all the football leagues worldwide, which will also have editions that will be on sale in the Nike stores corresponding to each country

This year for the Premier League, La Liga, and the Serie A, a new model called Merlin Ball was manufactured and published for their 2018/2019 season. Here some curious facts of this new ball.

Technology Applied

It was named the most technologically advanced ball because previously 32 panels were used for the ball’s design, and this is the first ball in the world that will only use 4 panels, that is, it has fewer seams, which makes the ball more open and has greater effectiveness when passing the ball.

Colorful Design

The new design has a white background with black, yellow, turquoise and purple flashes. These colors were specially chosen, according to the press release of the Premier League, so that players can detect the speed, turn and trajectory of the ball.

All Conditions Control (ACC)

Also, has been manufactured with All Conditions Control (ACC), a superior technology implemented in the design, and will be the first ball that will have control over the weather conditions.

3D Ink

It has integrated debossed grooves and 3D ink, which improves the aerodynamic sensation when moving on the pitch up in the air.

Bladder Latex

Have a latex bladder wrapped in the ball with patented materials, to be able to maintain better air pressure which ultimately maintains its shape.

There Was One Before

The last edition that Nike Merlin had launched, was in 2004, with the name “Nike Geo Merlin”, which was launched for 4 consecutive years from 2000 to 2004, and their main innovation was the appearance of the Dynamic Acceleration Response and Touch (DART), which gave more speed to the game and each kicking caused a greater rebound effect on the ball. Thing that has been totally improved with the new edition of Nike Merlin Ball, since it is included for the first time the ACC by means of which it is controlled depending on the climatic conditions, 3D ink, the inclusion of 4 panels, and more.


The fans can have it the Merlin Ball before it was used by the same players at the beginning of the Premier League in August 2018, because it is on sale from June 1 in all NIKE stores. The price is $ 150, € 140 or £105.

Therefore, the best players in the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Dybala, Icardi and more, will have the opportunity to use the best ball that has been created in the history of football, which will have integrated technology never seen before on these balls and with an advanced design and that will benefit their own game, we’re going to love it bouncing in our pitch!

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