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Josh Murphy – Cardiff City’s Young Sensation

Josh Murphy is a 23-year-old football player who was born in Wembley, England. His natural football position is left wing, although he can also play on the right flank or as a secondary forward.

He started playing as a child, and at his young age, he has played for certain important teams in England. We’re bringing to you some facts that should know about this promise of football that will be playing in the Premier League 2018/2019 season.

Has a Twin Brother

murph2 - Josh Murphy – Cardiff City’s Young Sensation

He has a twin brother named Jacob Murphy, and they both started playing soccer since they were very young, they joined when they were 12 years old at Norwich City, where they were for more than 6 years.

He played in Norwich City 8 Years

Josh joined the team in 2006 when he was only 12 years old, and debuted on the field with the club jersey in 2013, by which he scored 20 goals in a single season and sign with the club for 3 more years.

Norwich City Loan

He also played at Wigan Athletic Club in 2015, where he played as a loan only one month. For the 2015/2016 season he joined Milton Keynes Dons as a loan too, where he played throughout the season; He was named player of the year of the team, scoring 7 goals and 46 appearances, achieving the highest number of assists in the season.

England National Under 18/19 and 20 Football Team

Josh was called for the first time to play with the England Sub18 Team in 2012, where he debuted with Finland. The following year, 2013, he debuted with the England U19 National Team, when he scored his first goal with the national team, and won against Hungary. In 2014, he was also called up for the U20 National Team to play against Rumania.

Cardiff City Football Club

In 2018, Josh has signed a contract to play with Cardiff City Football Club, for 4 years. This gonna be his first time playing in the Premier League, as the Bluebirds return to the Premier after finishing 2nd at English Football League Championship. Warnock, DT of Cardiff City, was the one who chose him to play in the team, and it’s the most expensive signing that Warnock has done since he joined the team.

Josh is a promising signing, with a lot of future, now he can wear it in the Premier League and show his talent. Therefore, the fans of the premier will have their eyes on him, so we’ll see how it goes with the blues.

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