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Bruno Ecuele Manga – Get to Know the Most Important Player in Cardiff City’s Squad

Bruno Ecuele Manga is a 26 years-old football player born in Libreville, Gabon. He began his career with the Libreville FC team in Gabon. Also, he plays in the position of Center back and used the number 5.

He played in Ligue 1

He was discovered playing at Libreville FC and was selected to play in Ligue 1 (France) for the Girondins de Bordeaux team, where he had 40 appearances. Pass by other teams such as Angers and Rodez AF. Then he signed a free contract with the Angers, another team from Ligue 1, where he had 58 appearances and 5 goals.

He’s a Key Player

Bruno played in Angers, where he became a fundamental part of the team’s defense. He played there from 2008 to 2010, and had 58 appearances, managing to score 5 goals during his time in the team. In 2010 he signed with the team Lorient FC, where he had to be absent due some injuries he suffered at different times.

The first time was a tendon injury, the second time he injured his thigh, and the third time was a ligament injury that had him out of the team for 6 months. He had 118 appearances and scored 4 goals in the team. He was also the team’s captain in 2013.

Gabon National Team

In 2006, he was called to play with the national team of Gabon. In 2012, he participated in the Olympic Games in London, but they were eliminated in the group stage. He has had 67 appearances and managed to score 7 goals while playing with the team.

Cardiff City

Ecuele Manga joined the Bluebirds in 2014, but he quickly suffered from another injury, which took him out of the championship for several weeks. He has had 111 appearances in the team and has scored 5 goals.

Despite the various injuries he has suffered throughout his career and during his seasons with Cardiff City, he has a contract with the club until 2019. The whole team is happy about the extension of his contract. The Executive Director and CEO, Ken Choo, said he is delighted to have secured Bruno’s soccer services on the team.

Player of the Year

In the 2014/2015 season he was chosen as Cardiff City’s “Player of the Season” for his contribution and dedication to the team, beyond the injuries he had suffered.

While he might not be the best player in the world, in our team, he’s one of those rocks, one of those players that are always supporting the team, even at their worst appearances in our stadium.

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