6 Facts about the South Wales Derby

Swansea City A.F.C and Cardiff City F.C are the biggest football clubs in Wales. Cardiff was founded in 1899, while Swansea was founded in 1912. In order to keep a checklist for all the true fans, and those who’re just beginning to love the team, we bring some facts about this timeless match that every football fan out there should already know by now.

The Beginnings

The derbies started when Swansea and Cardiff City met in 1912 in the Welsh League, and it was a draw. The victory with the highest scores was in 1965, when Cardiff won 5-0 at Swansea.

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Their Stadiums

The Swansea Stadium is the Liberty Stadium with a capacity of 21,088, while the Cardiff City Stadium is the official of Cardiff City with a capacity of 33,280.

Vandalism Acts

On different occasions, certain fans have made several acts of vandalism during and at the end of some derbies match. One of them was during 1993, when Swansea’s fans ripped the seats of the Cardiff Stadium and began to throw them to the opposing fans

This caused the fanatics of Cardiff took shelter in the field of game, reason why the FAW (The Football Association of Wales) expelled the fans who made such violent acts for several years in events like that.

Another vandalism event was in 2007, there were riots and fights outside the stadium, and ended up with 15 people being arrested.

Games’ Scores

Between all the derbies, they had played 107 games, where Cardiff has won 44 times, while Swansea has won 35 times. There have been 27 draws.

The Best Players

Roger Freestone (Swansea’s player) has been the player with most appearances in all the derbies, with 19, and Brayley Renolds (Swansea’s player) has been the player with most goals scored in all derbies.

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A New Rival?

Newport County is another rival of South Wales, both of Swansea and Cardiff, but feel more rivals Cardiff for historical reasons and the proximity of the two cities. They have come to face the two teams sometimes in the Welsh League, and the most common encounter between one of them was in the Ninian Park, in the FAW Premier Cup in 2008.

While most people outside of Wales won’t even take this derby too seriously, considering that both teams aren’t on the top of the Premier League at this point, for true Cardiff supporters like we are, this is probably the most interesting match the whole season has to offer.

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