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4 Cardiff City’s Matches Any True Fan Won’t Ever Forget

While Cardiff City isn’t one of the most important clubs in Europe, it is an old club with a strong support base. We all love this club, some of us even love it more than we love important things in our lives, and while most old supporters will remember every one of these matches, younger ones won’t even know what we are talking about. Here are some unforgettable FA Cup matches in our club’s history:

January 7, 2002 – Cardiff City vs. Leeds United

Ninian Park started to crumble as Leeds United, who at that time were leading the Premier League, was beaten by our bluebirds. Mark Viduka was the one who scored first. Then, Graham Kavanagh managed to tie the match. Until Scott Young scored his goal, the tension was too high on the pitch. The final score was 2:1 that day.

February 21, 1925 – Notts County vs. Cardiff

Cardiff was having an amazing campaign, threatening with being the first Walsh club to go to a FA Cup final. Joe Nicholson and Jimmy Gill managed to score a goal each before the 30 minute mark. This created a confortable match for the team. The final score was 2:0.

January 6, 2013 – Macclesfield vs. Cardiff

Our Cardiff City bluebirds were trying desperately to earn their promotion to the Premier League, but Matthew Barnes-Homer had other plans as he scored one goal before us. Nat Jarvis was the responsible of bringing that win home. The final score was 2:1.

January 15, 1972 – Sheffield United vs. Cardiff

This is memorable due to the revenge we took from Sheffield after they took our promotion the year before. Don Murray, Bobby Woodruff, Dave Carver were responsible for our victory that day. The final score was 1:3.

The oldest supporters were surely thrilled while remembering these matches and the younger ones will sure understand much more of our history as a club. Go Bluebirds!

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