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The 5 Most Exciting Football Derbies in the UK

While some people just don’t understand team rivalry, we football supporters love derbies. We love to see our team winning to our most hated rival, and we also know how to suffer from these awful loses.

Swansea City vs. Cardiff City

It’s the most important derby in Wales. So, it’s one of the most exciting ones, but that passion has been exceeded on certain occasions, turning into vandalism and public disturbances. In 1993, during a derby in the Ninian Park (Cardiff City’s old stadium) when Swansea was losing, their fans ripped the seats and began to throw them to the Cardiff City’ fans

Due to this, the FAW (The Football Association of Wales) expelled those fans from all the derbies for several years. In another game, referee Mike Dean was hit in the head by something that was thrown by someone in the crowd, and then Cardiff City fans fought with the police, all of this during the League Cup derby in 2009. There were 5 people arrested that day. They had played 107 derbies in total. Cardiff has won 44 times while Swansea has won 35 times. There have been 27 draws.

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Man City vs. Man United

It’s one of the most watched derbies worldwide, which puts the entire city of Manchester in expectation and divided into two colors of different shirts.

Both, especially Manchester United, have been the most winning teams worldwide. For the 2016/2017 season in the Premier League, the rivalry between these two have probably grown more due to the signing of Guardiola in Man City and Mourinho in Man United. Both are known for their rivalry since their time they were managers at Barcelona-Real Madrid.

West Ham vs. Millwall

It’s known as the East London derby, and they’re one of the strongest rivalries in English football. One of the most shocking things that have occurred during all the derbies was in 2009, where there was a confrontation between both teams fans, which left one person dead and more than 30 injured.

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Tottenham vs. Arsenal

It’s a rivalry that was born to be the two most historic teams in London, also known as North London derby. An important fact is the little proximity that exists between both stadiums. Only 10 kilometers away separate the White Hart Lane (Tottenham) to the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal).

An icon of this rivalry is Sol Campbell, the midfielder who played for 10 years at Tottenham and was sold to their eternal rival, Arsenal.

Celtic vs. Rangers

This derby is also known as “Old Firm” or “The Derby of Glasgow”, and it’s known as one of the strongest rivalries that has existed in English football due to the religious and social beliefs that each team have.

The Rangers are known for their beliefs in Anglicanism, while Celtic fans have unfounded beliefs in the Catholic Church. One of the biggest controversies was the transfer of Mo Johnston from Celtic to the Rangers, besides being Catholic, he was one of the best Celtic players at that time.

These matches are some of the most important reasons to not miss the Premier League, and nobody dares to call it a low-key league, because without a doubt, it is the most exciting of them all.

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