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Sports Rivalry – Understanding Why Team Supporters Always Find a Rival Team to Hate

Football is exciting, as it generates emotions even playing a friendly game. That’s the beauty of this sport, but sometimes, so much excitement becomes excessive, and confrontations between the supporters of the rival teams begin just to defend what they love, the team they love the most.

Sometimes there are massive or strong confrontations between both supporters, on the soccer field, in your house while you are watching the game or just in a conversation with someone in the university.

There are fans that use insults to weaken the opponent’s mind. Even basic songs or just screams and whistles to show support for their team is pretty usual. But the question that some people will ask is: Why do football fans always have a rival to hate? Here are some of the main reasons:

Our Club, the Best

Football is something subjective, personal, about tastes. Therefore, one will always think that the team we support is the best. Perfect example of this is El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

No matter how many consecutive Champions has Madrid won, Barcelona fans will continue to say that they are the worst team in La Liga. The reason for this is the love, passion, and loyalty that some supporters can have for a team, not caring if they’re in the last position of the table of the league they compete in, they will continue being the best in their hearts.

Envy Issues

Competition is something natural in us humans; the personal desire to excel and to be the best at something is a positive feature.

However, sometimes, that competition stops being healthy and becomes an unfair fight, motivated mostly by jealousy or envy. This is how football supporters think most of the time. Sometimes, it matters more than the rival team does not win, to our own team winning. If you take a look at the website here, then you will see some more information on this topic

The important thing is not to let yourself be guided by those kinds of feelings and dedicate yourself to supporting your ideals, your tastes, and your team.

nn - Sports Rivalry - Understanding Why Team Supporters Always Find a Rival Team to Hate

Cultural Differences

Geographically, two teams in the same city don’t want each other. In the Premier League, it’s Tottenham and Arsenal, in La Liga, it’s Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, in Serie A, it’s Inter Milan and AC Milan.

There are thousands of other examples, like the case of the Rangers and Celtic, both Scottish teams, where their religious beliefs caused their rivalry.

Losing = Suffering

Being an athlete, you have that competitive vein where you always want to win, that’s by nature. Nobody likes to lose, even if we’re playing just  friendly poker game, we want to win. That also happens with supporters.

They do not like to see their team lose, much less do it in front of that eternal rival they hate that much. Example of this annoyance was Mourinho’s long face when Manchester United lost against Man City. Winning or losing, there’s always something to learn, and you have to support your team in good times as well as bad times.

While for us is pretty normal, for non-supporters, rivalry doesn’t make too much sense, and that’s ok, they’re the ones losing the whole football experience.

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