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Cardiff 2019 official highlights Cardiff Business Show

It’s been absolutely buzzing. I’ve not sat down for more than one minute.

The show has just seemed to be getting busier and busier every year.

You’ve got so many different walks of life coming in here, different businesses and it’s been really successful.

It’s not all about the digital these days. It’s about still connecting with people face to face and building those relationships.

We’re really pleased to be celebrating ten years of the Welsh business show this year. Welcome to Cardiff 2019.

When you get to meet that many businesses in one place, I think it’s a nice mix of community, local, [inaudible 00:00:49] corporate businesses that are part of this community.

It’s been great

Yeah it’s been really positive, a lot of really good people, really good conversations going on and yeah, it’s really exciting, especially with this being our first one.

It’s a fantastic business show. It’s so well put together. They really look after you.

Lots of really, really exciting and interesting conversations and it’s been really, really beneficial for us.

It’s all about brand awareness. It’s a very local event. It’s getting your brand out to local business community and an opportunity to tell people about what you do face to face.

And that brings an end to another Welsh business show here in Cardiff. We look forward to seeing you all again in Carmarthen, Swansea and at the launch of our North Wales show in Llandudno this year. See you then.