Cardiff City Stadium Pitch

an Utd 0-2 Cardiff – Neil Warnock Full Post Match Press Conference – Premier League

Hey up Mark, hi.

You must be very proud of how your team performed.

Yeah, I thought they did really well today. I didn’t want us to get turned over like we lost 5-0 in the home game, which was embarrassing. And I did say to them before the game that it’s my last game in the Premier League, it might be some of theirs, and I didn’t want it to be a damp squib. I wanted everyone to play to their absolute maximum and give them a good game.

I always thought our front four could cause them problems if I’m honest, and I thought we did. In fact I think if we’d have been a little bit more confident with the final pass, I think we could have scored a few more if I’m honest.

You were very comfortable, didn’t really look troubled to be honest.

No, I think it doesn’t just happen like that, we worked really hard at, because of the way they play, in trying to shut their strengths out and trying to give our strengths a bit of a go. I think people would have thought we’d have come and sat back, but we didn’t want to do that. I said it’s the last game, let’s have a bloody go at them. And like I say, our front four could have a go against anybody in the league really when they play like that. And that’s the disappointment really. It’s one or two other areas that we should have been like that from the start.

What’s the future for you, Neil? What’s the immediate future for you?

I don’t know. I’m going to see the chairman and the chief exec tomorrow in London, and we’ll just talk about the whole club really. We’ve lost some good players, Camarasa and Harry Arter and Niasse and Bamba’s out for a while. So, we need to be bringing in three or four good players into the squad really. I’m sure I’ll get some answers tomorrow, we’ve been too busy to talk before today. But you saw the fans, you heard the fans, I mean they’ve been bloody amazing really. I’ve never seen owt like this.

Last weekend having just got relegated, I mean there’s not many managers get chanted like that. It was quite emotional last weekend. But, you know, that’s what they are. I think they remember where we were two and a half years ago, nearly three years is it now? We were fragmented and all over the show. And it’s lovely to see a following like that, and a performance like that at the end of the hardest season I’ve ever had in the game. After my 40th year, and like I said, it’s the hardest season I’ve ever had.

You mentioned the 5-1 game in December-

Did we score?


Oh, crikey, I forgot about that, sorry about that.

How do you judge the contrast between what you saw from this Manchester United team, and what you saw [inaudible 00:02:49]?

Well, you should be saying that, not me. You want me to say things, I already get fined enough for saying things about officials. I think there’s a job, it’s not going to be an easy situation for Man United. I think everybody knows that. Possibly the start that they had fudged a lot of issues and what have you, but it’ll take more than two or three transfer windows I think to turn the club around. But every club has a period like this, and they have to work through it and have a plan in place. And I’m sure that that’s what they’ll do, because it’s a massive club. And that’s what they’ve got to do. I’m afraid they’ve got to bite their tongue a little bit the fans for a few years, because the other two have been absolutely phenomenal, haven’t they? I’ve never seen anything like the two that’s been fighting it out.

And I’m really proud, I know it’s my last Premier League game, but I’m really proud that I’ve been a manager in the Premier League this season when I look at the European finals and the four clubs. It’s been amazing. The standard of the football, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m looking forward to watching the finals.

Neil, [inaudible 00:04:08]. Are you not more than a little frustrated, you’re only two points off staying in the Premier League, albeit a few goals as well. But that’s not much.

No, I don’t want to say too much, because your headlines will all be Bitter Warnock. Are you with me? So I don’t have to say owt, I’ve been fined 20 grand, so you know how I feel. All right? You can say it for me, love, if you want. Then you won’t get fined. My wife got fined 10 grand at the hearing, so I’m not going to … you might get let off, I don’t know.

Neil, you said this would be your last game in the Premier League. You don’t ever envisage being back?

No, not a cat in hells change. No, not a cat in hells change.

So, do we read that as there’ll be one more season next year?

One year, yeah, I’m going to have one more year in the Championship, and hopefully it’ll be nice to get a ninth promotion, wouldn’t it? I never thought I’d actually be going for a ninth promotion, but the wife’s right keen. So, I’ve never known anything like it. She’s loved it here, and I think because my appetite’s whetted again, I know there’s a lot of young managers around and you get all sorts of names when you’re an older man like me. I nearly said old man. But I think a lot of the younger lads should take a leaf out of the enthusiasm that I’ve got, and the love that I’ve got to see a group of players, who are average players, perform like that. And I can’t be proud enough. And the fans, to go off like they’ve gone off, it’s an incredible situation.

And to be manager of a club at this stage I think, especially after what we’ve gone through, the Emiliano tragedy, I’ve never experienced anything like that. And the fact they come back out after that and then give it a go. And right to the second last game we were in with a shout. And circumstances being, I think we should have stayed up if I’m honest if we’d have had the rub of the green.

So, if you were to get a ninth promotion, you’d see that as a fitting way to finish?

Well, I’m not saying it’s a fitting way, I might end up non-league or somewhere managing. I’ve Greenock Morton up in Scotland is my local club. I wouldn’t write anything off. I’m not against … I love managing, I love making people better than what they are. And I know I’ve got critics, probably some in here more than others, but I do enjoy it. I do enjoy it, and days like today, we’ve got 5,500 fans going home as happy as they’ve ever been. There’s a lot of young kids in that group. That’s why before the game I love staying outside and signing autographs, for Man United kids as well, because a lot of the players nowadays have their earphones on, straight in the dressing rooms. And they don’t think about the youngsters around the place and what an autograph would do.

I think sometimes they need a bit of a talk to some of these stars. I’m not just saying Man United, I’m on about my lot. They all nowadays it’s just the music and ignoring the fans really. But I just think that we’ve turned the club around in three years, and I think everybody’s really proud to be part of the club now, whatever division we’re in. I mean I’ve never heard of a reception like last week when we’ve just got relegated, I mean it’s unheard of. It’s usually the other way with me, there’s usually four sides of the ground saying you’re going to get sacked in the morning. So, we’ve got to enjoy these moments.

Neil, you’ve often spoken about your relationship with the owners. What are you hoping from them tomorrow when you meet up?

Sorry, the last bit?

What are you hoping to hear from them when you meet up?

I’m seeing the chairman, it’s been planned for a while and I’m seeing Ken Choo the chief exec. I haven’t spoken to the owner since we got relegated. I’ve heard and seen one or two quotes. So, I’m sure Mehmet will tell me tomorrow what the situation is. And he knows we’re going to talk about the club in general. I’m looking forward to it, because it’s a great club, and I think that it’s geared up to … I look at Burnley and what they did last time. They got relegated, and they built the club. We’ve got plans for a training ground complex now. And I think there’s an opportunity there, because without a shadow of a doubt we can take the following, and I think we could get 40,000 or 50,000 at Cardiff if we were there for four or five years.

So, it’s a great chance and an opportunity for the club really, and they’ve really got to try and grasp it.

Look who’s there, Dominic, Man United eh. Will be nice to see your column tomorrow.

[inaudible 00:08:26]


Neil, given with the enthusiasm you’re talking about how you’d like to get a ninth promotion, why would you not, if you were promoted, carry on in the Premier League?

I wouldn’t want to manage in the Premier League again.


That’s for me really.

What, are you just tired of this league, or?

I don’t really want to go into that, it’ll spoil the day really because you pick up on bits and bobs and I don’t want to do that. The players deserve all the credit today. All right, thanks ever so much.

Thanks very much, cheers.

Sorry I won’t see you again, but …

How are you muck are you all right?


Good lad.