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The Cardiff City Stadium is proud of its own infrastructure and its own capabilities. We thrive knowing that our club and our supporters can enjoy one of the most spectacular sports venues in the United Kingdom.

With capacity for more than 30,000 football or rugby supporters, we know we have enough crowd to make your brand grow faster than you can imagine as we’re constantly growing along with our sports teams. We also host music and various other entertainment events.

We offer several types of advertising plans for different companies who’d like to support our teams and our stadium in order to be the best they can be. We have all kinds of screens, audio announcements, and even billboards to make your brand the biggest and most recognised brand in Wales.

We’re trying to create different kinds of solutions to all niches and business models in order to be able to attract more funding to our stadium. Our goal is to make the Cardiff City Stadium the most advanced stadium in Wales. And with support from big brands, we will be capable of bringing even more solutions to the table with minimum investment.

We’re sure we can assure your company immediate returns from your investment. Stop wasting time and money and give us a call. We’ll be able to arrange something that fits your company’s needs.