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The Cardiff City Stadium is one of the most spectacular state-of-the-art stadiums in Europe at the moment and the home of the Cardiff City Premier League squad.

The stadium planning began in 2002, when our board signed an outline agreement for the development of the construction project to replace the old home of our team, the Ninian Park.

In 2003, the project was finally approved and things started moving in the right direction. In 2005, the plans were almost ready and the stadium was already designed.

It wasn’t until July of 2005 that the project began, but after some troubles with the club’s payments, the chairman had to be replaced for Peter Ridsdale, former Leeds United chairman, and the project had to be delayed until October 2006.

Fortunately, Laing O’Rouke managed to win the contract and signed an agreement to build a stadium. The new Cardiff City Stadium capacity is +30,000 supporters – replacing the old Ninian Park for good. Things finally were going the club’s way.

Ridsdale had claimed that the stadium’s construction would be finished by December 2008, and managing to win a lease for 125 years for that piece of land, they wanted the project to start as quickly as possible. In February 2007, the construction finally began. The construction was over in 2009.

We hold many events all year round and we’re always looking for more supporters to bring their projects to our offices. Contact us if you want to hold any big event or if you’re trying to get season passes for the Cardiff City Bluebirds.

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